Dota Map : Enfo’s Team Survival

Just recently, my friend introduced this Map called Enfo’s Team Survival. It’s an old dota map actually but last august 17, 2008 the guys behind this released the newer version.

The objective of the game was to prevent the enemy monsters to enter the home based portal. You will be given 100 lives then the players need to survive more than the opposite team. The first team who lose all it’s lives will lose.  My favorite Hero for this map is Doko.

I swear its making me sleepless just playing the map. Kudos to the team who made the map possible. You can check their forum here


thank you to those people who corrected my post.


  1. the map is ETS (Enfo’s Team Survival) MT (the creators) Edition. It has nothing to do with Dota. Dota is it’s own WC3 map and Enfo is another, they are both different. There’s nothing similar about them. One is PvP the other is Team v Team.

    I wish the author would get his facts correct first before posting.

    btw: Great that u like it!!!

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