Domination 4 Event Concluded

One of the Biggest Gaming Event in the Philippines from E-games Publisher called Domination 4 concluded yesterday at SMX Center in Pasay City Philippines. Once again I was there to witness the event.

I was planning to be there by 7am but due to some other engagement I arrived at SMX at exactly 9AM. According to the announcement prior to the event they will be letting attendees to enter SMX by 10am but it was delayed for several minutes. There are several lanes organized at the venue. There is a PRE-Register lane, a Walk-in lane and VIP (for Axe & Pop Girls CD holder). Upon knowing there is a VIP lane I asked someone on how to be on that lane. The guy told me to just buy Axe Twist for p75 or P187 or purchase POP girl CD album. Well, I grabbed the opportunity and bought AXE for p187.  Just 10 minutes I was able to get in bypassing the long lane. That was an interesting way to get in fast. I can’t seem to remember if they have something similar to the VIP lane in their previous Domination Events.

The advantage of getting inside the venue early is that you can start going to each booth without getting into a long line. I believe the theme of the setup of Domination 4 was Carnaval like setup. You can see a Unicycle rider, a tall clown, a clown who does ball exhibition, Robot Mime who roamed around and entertained players, a decorative carnaval theme area where cosplayers fix their customes.

Domination IV focuses on the following games RAN Online, CABAL Online, Runes of Magic, Granado Espada, and Dragonica. X-Play Online Games Inc. (X-Play), the casual games division of IP e-Games, includes Audition Dance Battle, OP7, Band Master and Superstar. The Biggest crowd I think are the Audistas. Meanwhile O2jam closed its server months ago. One more thing we haven’t heard of NBA street online anymore.

Generally, the experience was great and I didn’t felt bored for 10 hours I was there. The flow of the event was also smooth and lively. Band Performers were fantastic. I believe E-games picked another good hosts this year. Jocelyn Oxlade and Eri Neeman did a job well done.

I have one comment though. I don’t think removing or not having monoblock chairs at the venue is a good move. Come to think of it there are also children with their older parents attended Domination 4. You see while I was there I heard like 4 to 5 different groups looking for chairs where they can sit while waiting for the next band to perform or while waiting for their friends or family members doing some stuff on some booths.

I’m looking forward for Domination 5. I’ll be posting some Domination 4 photos later.

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