Domination 3

I got a sms notification from Egames that Domination 3 is set on April 4, 2009. For the new breed of gamers who haven’t experience attending the previous Domination events well, its an event organized by IP e-games where gamers from all online games published by IP e-games will join together and witness the battle for supremacy. Meaning its an event where each  online games will declare its own champion thru clan or guild wars. All of these will be happening Live on the Domination and this year is the third installment. There are also some side event like live bands, cosplay, selling of game t-shirts and caps and other booths to entertain gamers like us.

 You may want to check out some of my entries and Domination I and II photos below:

Egames Domination II
IP E-games Domination 2 finally Over
E-games Domination II Photos
More about Domination 2 and Cabal Launching

*Image was captured from official website.

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