Domination 3 – The Experience

DOmination 3 organized by E-games has ended yesterday and here some stuff I want to share to all of you.

The Registration and Entrance
Due to some other scheduled engagement I need to attend to yesterday, I was not able to go to SMX early. I arrived at the SMX Convention Center past 10AM and went directly to the Pre-Reg booth. I got suprised how easy to get in. All I need was a printed copy of the registration bitmap code and a game card. Within 3 to 5 minutes I was already inside the event room. Last year entrance experience was not good and I can say that this year is much better. Whoever planned the registration and entrance part of the event, Thumbs up to you guys.

The Experience and Changes
There were some changes on the setup or flow on how E-gamers get their Freebies like game posters, Game CD installers, Stickers, Free Magazines etc. E-gamers can get all different freebies in just one booth and so the line was soo long. Personally, I went to join those gamers who waited in line just to get those freebies I mentioned. Believe it or not I was in line for two hours. Oh Well, I badly need some posters for my Icafe.

While I’m on it I’m did some photo shoot whenever possible in which I’m going to share later.

The Side Events
There were some side events that e-gamers witnessed and enjoyed but personally, I haven’t really joined any of it since I was there to check out how the event went thru and make sure to go home with lots of nice photos. By the way one of the most highlighted side event was the Fan Day of Alodia Gosiengfiao, a famous cosplayer and one of the model characters of ZX online from E-games. Too bad I don’t have a pass for a close photo shoot but my 70-300MM 1:4-5.6 Camera lens does the job. I’ve seen also that E-games has its Live Blogging. I’m not sure through if they already have this Live blogging last Domination 2.

It was a day of fun filled with lots of cosplayers infact, I’ve seen some new costumes on the event and guest artists was great as well. For me, the experience was smooth and more relaxed compare to last year. OH by the way NBA Street Online looks really nice. Some E-gamers tried the said Sports/ Casual Game.


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