Diablo 3 Review – The First Glance


After purchasing the digital copy of Diablo 3 and spent hours of downloading more than 8GIG of game files including the patch, I finally experience and made my first Diablo III character last night May 16, 2012. I’ve choosen the Witch doctor and picked Asia as my server. This will be my first glance Diablo III review and I felt excited to write it as I got excited also in playing my first few hours inside the game. For this review I still haven’t finish Act’s 1. Just to let you guys know I was not able to play the game on the launched date as I was still downloading that time and so I haven’t really felt the dismay of getting excited then only to find out I cannot get in in-game.

I started my Diablo 3 journey by enjoying its Cinematic intros of the character I’ve choosen. Diablo III got five playable character classes Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor. Each one of these characters has its own amazing skills. By default everyone starts on The Fallen Stars with mode normal difficulty. I roamed around the New Tristram town and checking each and everyone on that town, talking to locals actually. Twelve years after Diablo 2 is so long and its expected that we will see a much more improvement on graphics, sounds, animations including combat, crawlers or walkers from hell and other features that technology can offer. One noticeable feature in Diablo 3 is the so called public game shown from the main menu. If you click it and decide your adventure to make it public then other players can join your adventure. It is said it will allow upto 4 players to join your journey. For now I will continue to play solo as I’m not rushing to finish the game immediately. But of course later on the Cooperative play is really need especially the higher game mode after normal difficulty.


Diablo III environment or the User Interface is really nice and I can say they maintained how Diablo’s previous games look like. From the looks of it this interface will still be familiar to the players. You see the game has a fast-paced combat system plus effects are nicely done. Fire all over the places, corpses, darkness, lights are blended nicely with each other. Now the fun starts on the combat and skill animations. These animations are just superb without exaggerating it. Killing the undead doesn’t mean its already dead because some of these even slashed into halves will still try to kill your character. The variation of enemies in Diablo III contributed a lot in considering it as a good game.
My first few hours playing the game already convinced me to say “Overall Diablo III is a good game and as long as the game can entertain me I will ¬†continue playing it”.

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  1. Wow! This is great… It was Diablo 1 who actually introduced me to world of gaming… And ever since I got hooked, I kept looking for more games that would excite. Eventually, I found my niche in online gaming..

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