Devil May Cry Xbox360 – First Glance Review


I have not played any Devil May Cry game series before so I cannot tell you guys the flow of the previous installment of the Devil May Cry story. My first glance review will only base on the information on latest DmC game which was revealed during the earlier part of the game.

Basic Information
Devil May Cry main character is Dante and he is the son of Sparda. Vergil is the brother of Dante who established the Order to fight the demon and he is convincing Dante to fight with them against the Demons however Dante told them that he work alone because of trust issues. During the early part of the DmC story, the game introduced a psychic woman name Kat who is helping Dante on his early battle against the demons. Some of his early enemies are these Demon Hunter, Lesser Stygian, Bathos and some death knights.




Gameplay, Animation, Graphics and other Features

Devil May Cry is consider as a heavy combat game with numbers of hack and slash skills and combos, BadAss Weapons, Pistols and other stuff which is beyond my first glance review. Fighting animations and effects are simply amazing. The different places and environments shown in game are stunning and I’m enjoying what I’m seeing during the first 2 hours of playing the game. The game have this ranking on how better you execute your fighting skills against your enemy. The higher your points of your combo attacks the better overall mission ranking you get.

Personal Conclusion

The game is entertaining and for me thats the most important thing to consider if you plan to buy and play the game. No matter how good the game is if its not within your taste then you will surely not enjoy it. Playing this DmC game excites me and I will be holding to it for a while and hopefully if my time permis I will finish it till the end.

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