Cube World Alpha Ver. Review – First Glance


Game Introduction

The first time I stumbled at the Official Website of the game the first thing came to my mind was ohh an improved minecraft game. Since the family loves that game I immediately read on how to avail one. I came to know that this game is an indie game as this is just a hobby project of a husband and wife team of Wollay and Pixxie. According to site description Cube World is a Voxel-Based Exploration RPG. It has Infinite Worlds and no borders for players to enjoy. The game landscapes consists of different lands varying climates and themes. There are grasslands, snowy landscapes, wide oceans, dangerous lava lands, jungles, and deserts. Landscapes are full of mountains, caves, rivers, lakes, forests, rocks, dungeons, castles, ruins, catacombs, temples, villages, and more.

Cute looking characters

You can choose from Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Goblin, Lizard, Undead and Frogman. It has its own Gender, Class (Warrior, Ranger, Mage, Rogue)., there is also a Face option and haircut.

Game play and a look into the graphics
By just looking at the game the fun is already there. The vibrant colors and cool environment speaks of the game play already. Its understandable the game is simple but interest of the players continues when they tried the game for the first time. The exploration of the map is infinite. You also encounter mobs on your journey to move from one world to another. Please note there is a setting called seed where you put value to it and when you start playing all players who use that seed number they will also use the same look like your world. You may also check our Cube World game play on our youtubechannel.

Alpha Community Experience

As of this post I haven’t really caught up with super crowded server and so far the community is nice.

My Conclusion
Even though its a paid game I can say right now your money paid for this game  is worth every dime. Remember this is just an Alpha version and its already good and what more when newer version comes out. From their website we should expect improvements like Procedural Quests, Background Story and the ability for players to build houses.

Excess Notes :

For people who might ask if they can run this game on their PC well my computer is kind of old and here’s the specification. Intel Core Quad CPU Q6600 2.4ghz with 8GIG RAM and 2GIG Video RAM. My Internet connection speed is only 3MBPS Wired Broadband from Globe.

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