Crossfire PH : Zombie Invasion

Crossfire Philippines will be activating Zombie Mode on March 3, 2010.  This is unique mode in Crossfire PH in which a maximum of 16 players can join and randomly the system will infect 2 soldiers that will turn them into zombie hosts.

For the Zombie hosts, its objective is to attack and infect all other soldiers thru melee attack while the objective of the soldier is to eliminate the Zombies.

For the complete guide of this Zombie Invasion mode in Crossfire Philippines hop in to this site

7 comments to Crossfire PH : Zombie Invasion

  • pojayrum  says:

    play crossfire

  • pojayrum  says:

    very good games

  • osamamike  says:

    play cross fire

  • marligician  says:

    i want to download crossfire philippines

  • francerdark  says:

    pasok ka you dfito anw

  • sheena  says:

    the crossfire is amazzing

  • jon  says:

    da game crossfire os so addicting!..^_^

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