Cronous Philippines will be released by ABS-CBN soon


It looks like ABS-CBN Multimedia is preparing the website of a new game to be released here in the Philippines called Cronous. The game is already available in international market which you can visit at while the Philippine version is located at this URL

As of this post I don’t have any information of when the game is to be released here in the country. For the meantime you can try the international version so that by the time ABS-CBN will release it we all be all ready to seriously play the game. 



  1. this is not on the part of the new game but this is for the globe and abs cbn regarding on their activities or their service provider. on wap powered by globe they advertise games on wap site particularly in gameloft promotion ive download a game named americas army: special operation last night feb 20, 2008 but failed to download for the services error not mine but the painfull here is they deducted my load as if it was a sucessfull download,.. but it never happened it happened twice the other on the gamester. and i tried to call the hotline 02 415 8766 given by 2366 but to no avail. I HOPE THAT THIS WILL GET YOUR ATTENTION BECAUSE YOU ARE GETTIN SHAME TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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