How To Create an Account ? Khan Online Philippines


1. First thing first. Make sure you already have an email address. If you dont you might want to visit or If you already have one proceed to step 2.

2. Open your favorite browser and point it to

3. Click the continue button.

4. Fill up the following :

Email : (your working email address)Â
Confirm Email : (just repeat typing your email)
Username : (enter your username)
Password: (your password for this account)
Confirm Password : (just repeat typing your password)
Secret Question: (just choose one you want to use)
Secret Answer : (answer to the question you have chosen)
5. After filling everything up click continue button.

6. You will see a new set of questions to fill up.

Last Name : (your last name)
First Name : (your first name)
Birthday : (make sure to fill up your correct birthdate)
Gender : (your gender) City/Province : (Choose your Location)
Country : (your country)
Recruiter’s Code : (just an option)
Read the terms & condition Click the yes to the I have read the terms & Condition.
7. Click Submit Button.

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