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Two months ago I posted about  Levelup Unified system which I found out they call it My Levelup System. Few days ago they came out with announcement to remind Levelup players to create one as the system helps players to organize their characters and loading of game credits a little bit easier (though site sometimes is very slow in loading up on the browser).  Check the announcement I got from their website

“Dear LevelUp! Subscribers,We would like to remind our customers of the advantages of keeping game accounts linked to a My Level Up! Account.
My Level Up! is a system that allows you to create and edit your profile, send messages to other Level Up! Players, and most importantly manage your game accounts, buy game time and currency in order for you to purchase in-game items.
For those who still do not have a My Level Up! account, we encourage you to create one to organize your game accounts and purchase game time and currency effectively.
In addition, sharing of game and My Level Up! accounts are prone to account theft, and may cause a lengthy processing time in validating account related requests.
For better security and faster validation of your account related requests, we strongly urge all My Level Up! users to please update your account details (i.e. Real Name, Address, Birthday, Registered Email) regularly and not to share your account details with anyone else.
If you would like to know more about My Level Up! please visit , and if you have further inquiries and clarifications in updating your My Level Up! account, please visit

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation! We hope you continue your adventure with us! ”


  1. hi i buy SRO epin recently but when i log in in silkcharge thiers no mylevelup games show in the window what happend and mylevelup games has an acces in SRO

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