Console Gamers got excited with Sony Playstation 4 (PS4)


Many console gamers waited for the actual announcement of Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) at the E3 conference and when they did heard the PS4 features and details, these gamers got excited. You know why ?

Well there are three details that these gamers are looking forward to which are the no restriction in sharing of used games, the does not requires to keep the console always online, and of course the price tag of PS4. Sony Play Station 4 simply granted the wishes of their fans plus there are big possibility that it can also invite other game console gamers who are looking for another great experience that value their money. PS4 is only $399 which is much affordable than its major competitor.

What else we know about this new PS4 ?

– CPU : x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, eight cores
– GPU : 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon based graphics engine
– Memory GDDR5 8GB
– 500GB Hard drive
– Super-Speed USBx (USB 3.0) port × 2
– You got an option for Playstation plus monthly subscription for $10. There’s also additional premium unlimited discounts music for $42
– PS4’s eye camera will be priced at $59 (via Sony’s Japan)
– Additional DualShock 4 also at $59 (via Sony’s Japan)
– Online Multiplayer requires PS Plus membership
– PS4 will be launched on 2013 Holidays for $399
– This is simply great. PS4 won’t be region-locked

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