Clash Royale Best Card Deck



Do you want to know what six (6) Clash Royale Cards that will make you win your battles ? you came to the right page. This Clash Royale Deck is the popular winning deck we saw so far based on 50 battles on Clash Royale TV. The six 6 best cards combination that came out based on 50 battles are Arrows, Dark Prince, Elixir, Freeze, Minions Horde, PEKKA, Prince, and Princess. It is true your skills, judgement and timing in deploying cards during battle contribute to win your battle but knowing these cards helps a lot. 


Knowing the best card deck will also help us plan what to upgrade especially if you are still on Arena 6 and below. At least you wont be wasting unnecessary cards upgrading. Focus on those cards shown above and you will be fine. Remember these are based on actual winning statistics on Clash Royale TV.

We will continue to add and use more decks data and let see if there are changes to these cards. Watch out for our next update.

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