Clash of Clans Update 2015 – Poison Spell, Dragon 5 and Cool Screens


One of the most popular game app on Android and IOS Clash of Clans announced its latest upcoming updates. We will be seeing Dark spell factory with Poison Spell on Town Hall 8 and Dragon lvl 5 on Town all 10. Poison Spell takes up 1 space that can be created on this new Dark spell factory. For Dragon 5 and poison spell no damage stats yet as of this writing.




Poison Spell
– You cannot poison your own troops
– You can poison your enemy troops both Air troops and CC land troops.
– You can bring a total of 11 poison spell.
– Can be stacked.

2015-06-29_070911coc darkspell


Dragon 5
– Can be created on Town Hall 10

Other updates
– New Clash of Clans Screen
– New Titan League
– New Legend League
– New Tournament



Will this updates make you feel like renewing your interest in playing Clash of Clans ? How about playing more time and achieve those latest features like the Legend League which its exciting for those hardcore Clash of Clans.

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