Clash of Clans TOP War Clans in the Philippines with 201+ wins


A real clasher would definitely know that playing clash of clans isn’t just about having a max base or max troops. Contributing to the success of clan is one important factor a clasher should know. This could be being loyal to your clan, know how to balance real life responsibilities and yet can still play clash of clans or can still attack during clan wars, improving his own attack strategy and know how to keep the clan intact and interesting. Remember boring clan usually end up disbanded. A strong account is useless if you play alone with no clan.


Here at we came up with this TOP WAR CLans in the Philippines with more than 200 war wins. This is not easy to achieve. In short only the best and solid clans can reach this status. We salute to these CLANS.


We will continue to explore and check more clans next time.

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