Clash of Clans tips, strategies and other details


The level of excitement since I started playing Clash of Clans back in October 2013 made me continue playing the game everyday. As of this posting I’m level 30 with 1055 trophies so far without going into premium. Yes you can enjoy and play the game without spending anything. This post is all about Clash of Clans tips and strategies that I’ve been doing and using and I wanted to share the other Clash and Clans players who are just starting checking the game out.

How to level faster ?
The key to level faster is to play everyday. Yes thats part of it. The frequent you play the game the faster you level up. Then add the regular invading weaker Town thing to gain more resources.

Build your resources
The earlier you build your resources the faster you can increase your town and army strength. Remember to always maximize the gold resources structures and Elixir structures. By default you only have two workers so its important to plan on how you use these workers. Usually I use one worker for longer build upgrade while the other one I use it for shorter upgrading of low level structures. If you can afford save and upgrade your town hall as soon as possible so that you can build more resources structures.

Patience will rule them all
In playing this game you need to increase your patience. You need to find the weaker town. Don’t just attack town that you see. I usually attack weaker towns with a bit higher elixir and gold that could pay my lost army. In this way its 99% sure you can defeat the town and steal their resources. Just keep on looking until you find one.

Make use of shield
If another town defeated you the default shield of 16 hours will be activated. Make use of that protection in upgrading high level structures. This will help you save more resources.

Watch Replay Videos
Watching the attack and defense log Replay will help you observe on how the enemy attacked and how you attacked town. For there you need to adjust your defense. From the wall to the positioning of your towers, cannons and other structures. Create smaller/sub wall in protecting your weapon or important structures to make it a little harder for your enemy to destroy it.

So far the list above helps me in making it to level 30. Try it! and if you missed the Clash of Clans first glance review you can find it here.

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