Chefville Tips, Guides, Updates #2 – Halloween Event 2012


I just noticed the new goal on Facebook Game Chefville today October 17, 2012. It seems that Zynga released their Halloween Event for Chefville including some dark decors and spooky recipes for Halloween. Check out your market icon. Social Players of the game can participate and should achieve 36 Ribbons to win the top reward which is a Halloween Haunted Tree. Other rewards are 10 one hour Thymes and Halloween Gravestone.

You can simply click Get Caulron button once the window will appear. Then go to your market and place Haunted Broiler and Pumpkin Processor.

Things needed to unlock new recipes for Haunted Broiler
– 8 Scary Stories
– 8 Cat Calls

Things needed unlock new recipes for Pumpkin Processor
– 4 Creepy Cranks
– 4 Jack o Lantern Jaws
– 3 Halloween Hoppers
– 4 Stem Removers
– 3 Pumpskin


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  2. hi..just wanna ask why my chefville goes GETWAY TIMEOUT?
    Its been two days, and I dont even know how to solve this problem. Please help me?


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