ChefVille by Zynga on Facebook – The First Glance


Another Ville game from Zynga called Chefville hit facebook social crowd last August 2012 and a week after I was able to try it and until today I’m still playing it. As what  Zynga define ChefVille on their press release page and allow me to quote some lines :

ChefVille is a next-generation cooking game that reimagines the restaurant game genre with innovative social features and online-to-offline elements. Players are immersed in a culinary dream world where they can create their very own restaurant – whether in the Tuscan countryside, a classic 50s diner or a seaside harbor. As players master dishes and level up, they can expand their restaurant into new regions with new ingredients – unlocking must-have cooking equipment like a grill, brick oven or sushi station – as they build their restaurant. ChefVille players can cook more than 200 delectable in-game dishes and earn more than 50 real recipes, giving them a menu of endless opportunities to take their game experiences offline and connect with friends and family around the dinner table.

If you are already on Facebook two to three years  ago I’m sure you already played other restaurant games with social feature and chefville can be considered as advance type of restaurant  game compare to other old restaurant Facebook game. Upon opening your Chefville restaurant you will be welcomed by Chef Madeline and she will assist you on your initial activities on your restaurant,. This Facebook game  has a better graphics and also allows you to expand from your initial restaurant space.  As you level up and accomplishes  goals you will be rewarded with different kinds of store like properties where you can get your recipes ingredients. Players can also make the serving faster by fulfilling  orders as soon as you see the icon on the table. You can also give flower  to your customers and earn  a thumbs-up or recommendation which is also needed for finishing goals.
At this point let me show you some screen captured I made from Chefville.


ChefVille is one little social  game that you can enjoy playing with your friends and family.


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