Checking Out Pristontale Philippines

Few minutes ago I was thinking of what to post here. After that I just realized that there are still other Game Publishers here in the Philippines aside from LevelUp Inc, IP-Games, Mobius and ABS-CBN Interactive.

Do you remember Pristontale by YedangOnline Inc and released through here in the Philippines? Well, I just visited their website and checked how their game was doing. I remember when I started my Internet Café almost three years ago they were one of the first who handed me some posters and Pristontale CD installer. Unfortunately, I don’t have the latest installer of the game now let me just post what I read and noticed from their website

– Server merged has been implemented last September 2007.
– Pristontale Client Version is 4.0.54
– Player Highest Level: 118
– Message Board is moderately active.
– Pristontale II soon to be released (don’t know if it will be released here in the Philippines)

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