Champion Online Review – First Glance

Champion Online was released back in 2009 but I wasn’t able to try game until last week. I’ve been playing on and off since then and accommodating other MMOs but finally here’s my First glance review.

Honestly, I got excited when I started installing the game client. Maybe because most of us loves superheroes and my hopes are high that this game won’t disappoint me. As soon as you click that start button you will be presented with create your champion screen. Oh boy there are a lot of heroes to choose from or should I say champion to customize. From electricity power to telekinesis down to fire or ice ability.

Choose your costume that is accordance to your taste

Customize your built

You can customize your face

The environment and graphics looks good and vibrant. The animation of your hero’s abilities when attacking the enemy is colorful and cool that might give you that hero feeling.  My short time checking the game gave me a good impression and won’t be uninstalling it.

Right now my experience in playing this Champion Online is limited since this is just a trial account.  Hopefully by the time they will open its door to Free to Play early next year we will be there to welcome and at the same time explore the other maps or areas of this online game.

If you are interested to check their free trials you can visit their official website at

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