Champion Bloodlines Review : First Glance


I recently got an email about the Phase 3 closed beta of Bloodline Champions, an action oriented game with multiplayer focus. Its a fighting game that you need to join other players to go against other players. Lets call it arena PVP game as players need to enter an arena to defeat the opposing team. The game was developed by Stunlock Studios. Currently it has USA and Europe Servers and Players from the Philippines can try the game.

In this game characters are called bloodlines and its divided into : Healing Type, Ranged Damage, Tank, Melee Damage. All in all there are 16 Bloodlines to choose from with 7 of its own unique abilities. You also don’t need Mana to use the ability but instead there is a cool down.

The graphics of the characters and the environment are great but personal speaking I can appreciate more if there is a 360 view on the characters instead of just top and semi side view.

The Gameplay is quite interesting. You can join and combine force with other players and choose your desired bloodlines before you proceed to the battle arena. There is also a so called Grade or level for a certain room before you can join Team work is the key here and the combination of bloodlines.

The Community of Champion Bloodlines is already there. When I first logged in to the game I saw close to a thousand players who are online with 200+ games created. The community in their forum is also active which I think is pretty good. For me a good game without the community is as boring as Hell and the game won’t make it.

My experience was great and enjoyable. Each player need to practice its aiming accuracy as this skill is needed to be a good player here in Champion Bloodlines.

You can visit their official website at

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