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SF Online Revisited

Special Force Online or  SF was once a very popular game in the Philippines. Almost all Internet shops offer this game not to mention many players installed the game in their own desktop at home. My last encounter with the game was back in 2011 and today I stumbled upon on Special Force Online (SF) once more and I kind of curious on the status of the game. In the Philippines this game was handled by Gameclub when I first encountered it but to my surprise GameClub had given up the game. I came to know Special Force is now handled by this DF Interactive PTE LTD from Singapore which they also allow SF  for Philippine Players.

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Special Force Online – Gauntlet 4 Tournament

Special Force won’t be going anywhere soon. Their recent tournament be happening next month. So Troopers!
Get ready and be part of the Gauntlet 4 Tournament. Registration starts on OCT. 30, 2011 and ends on NOV. 6, 2011.

Fix to Special Force Init Error : Unable to Initialize

First things first,  Use this solution at your own risk. It fixed the issue but it might not fix yours since there are some possibilities that your computer have different settings.

Here’s my scenario. I have several computers and few weeks ago there is a SF patch which was automatically detected by the SF client when it was ran by some of our customers. Some computers loaded successfully while other computers starting to show unable to initilize error. I tried copying the entire folder (C:\Program Files\Dragonfly) from other working Special force folder and pasted to the PC that doesn’t work, I tried installing a new SF client from mygame download page, I tried using those cumulative patches but all FAILED. I also was surprise to see three folders that are related to Special Force Online. And its weird.

C:\Program Files\Dragonfly
C:\Program Files\MYGAME\Special Force
C:\Program Files\MYGAME Launcher
I’m starting now to understand that the issue could be path related. Maybe some SF patch is pointing to folder Dragonfly while other patch points to MYGAME\Special Force. So, here are the steps I did to fix the Special force UNABLE TO INITIALIZE error. Forget the C:\Program Files\Dragonfly folder because I deleted it. You can keep yours maybe your SF needs it.


1. Install file Special Force Latest Full Client SFSetup_090511.exe
2. Copy all files inside C:\Program Files\MYGAME Launcher from other computers, from your friends PC or Icafe. Please note SF should be working on the source where you are copying the files. OR you can download it here
3. Extract or Put those files to your C:\Program Files\MYGAME Launcher
4. Then launch the SF client and wait for it to finish getting additional files. You can also download the cumulative Patch for faster update.

Thats all!!

NOTE : If you are having a second thought, you may not download the mygamelauncher.rar.  Please also understand I don’t work for mygame and so I cannot reply to all your inquiries. Feel free to post your questions on the comment field and lets hope other readers will/can help you.

Help Guide on how to download SF client

I’m still getting a lot of messages and blog comments asking on how to download SF client. It seems that support from is not listening that much to their future SF gamers. Yeah! we know you guys have lot of players already but it won’t hurt your business to entertain more Special force Newbies.

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Winter Updates from Special Force

I’ve been spending more and more hours playing Special Force this month. It’s really addictive and the challenge is always there since you meet different players with different warfare skills.

If  notice there are also some updates on the Game shop. One of the newest updates is this Special Force Winter Gears. You can use your SP or ecoins to avail it.

SF Screen Shots

Today, I took a break from hack and Slash type of MMORPG. Instead I played Special Force Online. Well, its addictive and its full of actions. Every game battle or mission is full of excitement and most of the time whenever you tend to log-out there is this magic that pulls you back to the game. At first, I’ve decided to just play it for half an hour but I ended up playing this SF for few more hours. I even skipped my early dinner this evening.

Here are some Special Force Screen shots.

Fix to Special Force PC rebooting issue

I’ve been getting emails and did read some comments on this site asking on how to fix the Special Force PC restart issue. Usually this issue comes out if your PC has low RAM installed.

First of all, this issue happened also to other online games. Secondly, if you are LAZY to read then I cannot do anything for you. Third, this solution solved the issue for some of my friends’ personal computers and lastly, try this at your own risk. If you are in doubt then DON’T TRY using this solution.

To fix this try these steps:
1. In the window screen Click START then  RUN.
2. Type regedit to launch registry window.
3 Then go to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
4. Doubled click on “PagedPoolSize” then choose Hexadecimal.
5. Typed 18000000 to the value textbox. Default value is zero.
6. Closed window and reboot the computer.

Special Force Friendster Layout

I found this Friendster Layout  of your favorite Special Force Online game.  Check it out and you might like it. Yeah I know you’ve seen the images already from website but I still think its worth checking it out. ENJOY!

Download Special Force Client

I’ve been bombared with questions about where to download the client of Special Force (SF) for several days now. So today, I’ve decided to post the important SF links to help those people who have been asking questions about the game.

The Official site of SF here in the Philippines is located at I noticed the site somehow load a little bit slow maybe because its a multimedia flash site. Most likely you need to wait unless if you really have a high speed internet.

SF Website   :
Registration : GO here
Download of Game Client :

I believe that would be it. Please read instructions on their site as well.

Special Force Online

I’ve been hearing this Special Force which is like Counter Strike Online for several weeks now. Unfortunately, its only today that someone from the publisher which is MicroGaming Technology Corp visited our internet shop and distributed an installer and some posters of this online game. Will see how our Warrock Philippines players test the game after installing it tommorow.