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Download K.POP Songs from I-Date Philippines

Korean Pop or K.POP has been around for quite sometimes now and its continuing to be appreciated by Filipinos especially by the younger generation. If you are playing I Date Philippines and looking where to download those K.POP songs, well look no further as all the songs you are hearing in-game are all available in your I Date game client. If you installed it in the default folder you can find it at C:\Program Files\GameClub\Philippines\iDate\Media\Sound and check those .ogg files and play it.

You can also convert it to mp3 if you want to. You can use ogg to mp3 converter 1.2. Just search google for it.

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iDate Online Philippines First glance Review

iDate Online, the first online interactive dating game in the Philippines open its door to the masses as its Grand Club Opening happened last February 18, 2010. This game was published by Gameclub, the same company who’s handling Special force, Twelvesky2, Crossfire and Fiesta Online.

Okay this entry would be my first glance review of this casual game. I started playing yesterday after getting an iDate Installer which was delivered to us by Gameclub personnel who is assigned in our area. Since I already have a Gameclub account I did not go through signing up for a new one but instead went directly to launching the iDate Game Client. My first impression was wonderful though I was expecting that iDate is full pledge 3D but sorry to say it’s not...

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