Cabal Rider no more ?

I just checked cabal philippines five minutes ago and I was surprised that 99.9% of servers are not full. Usually during friday nights especially on the Mercury server everything are red and its really hard to get in even if you are a premium user. This could be the effect of the banning of accounts by cabal team and the end of the free trial of Cabal Rider.

This development can be considered a good news but I’m still hearing from some cabal gamers that there are still cabal rider full version circulating around the Computer shops industry. Some players are selling it for P200 for a month of use but as of this post I haven’t confirmed this. Will update as soon as I verify this underground transaction.


  1. Great! One of the reasons why some people refuse to play Cabal is because of the clogged up servers during “primetime” hours.

    Does this mean that their reported 50k population will decrease? Looks like they’re going yo find out how many people actually play their games now.

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  3. And in some point in time after banning the accounts there will be an event, an event where you can reclaim your account for a certain amount, this ban thing is just bullshit, its just for making money.

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