Cabal Premium Items


Its been months since I last visited Cabal Philippines. Then after receiving a mass alert on my cellphone from Cabal Txt, I decided to take a look my level 72 character and check whats new with the game. After roaming around for few minutes I ended up checking the Premium Shop and after that I captured some new premium item images and started this post.

Some Newest Premium Items :

HipHop Spirit Suit – Permanent for 740 Cabal Cash
Description – Costume for summer season

Meo Ninja Pet – 360 Cabal Cash
Description – Pet Featured for March

30 Day Diamond Service – 750 Cabal Cash
Description – 25% EXP Rate, 50% Skill Exp, 25% Crafting EXP Rate,25% war exp,
25% pet exp, open 2 additional inventory tabs, open 1 additional Warehouse tab,
Access to premium channels

Epaulet of Skalid – 1000 Cabal Cash
Description – bonus stats – HP 200, Defense 20, defense rate 35 Alz drop 30%

*ALL Images on this post was captured from Cabal Philippines Game.

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