Cabal CBT Installer not User Friendly

I got the Cabal installer CD the other day given by egames field guy here in Binan Laguna.  I asked the person in-charge in my shop to install it. After few minutes he was able to install it but. Yep, there is a big BUT. he told me the installer is not User Friendly.  After installing it at home I can surely say the installer should be improved. Here’s why :

I  inserted disc 1 then click install. No problem with that then the installer tells me “successfully installed.” But when I run the client it has an error. Most likely its not complete.  For gamer who are at least knowledgeable they will surely  insert disc 2 but for people who are not familiar with installation thats the end of the road since they already saw finished or completed. They will think the installer is not working.  What I did I inserted Disc 2.  It loaded and the same flash menu window of disc 1 with the word install on it appeared. It should have been something like “continue”. Anyway, I clicked on it then installation successful.

Common Game Installation disc should be something like :

1. User will insert disc 1.
2. Click install. After installing disc 1.
3. The Installer will ask the user please insert disc 2. then disc 2 will be automatically detected and installation will continue.
4. Done.

Cabal CBT installer CD is not like that. Just imagine if cabal installation CD have 3 to 4 discs? do you think average computer user will be able to install the cd? I dont think so.

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