Cabal Bot Issue

There is a tension going on the Cabal Community lately. A lot of players got banned because of using Cabal Bot. Some admittedly of using it and accepted their punishment while others are crying it was a mistake they got blocked from the game.


If you visit cabal community forum you’ll surely notice threads with complains and petitioning to E-games GM to unblocked their accounts. Players of these blocked accounts were asking for proof that they are really a BOT users while E-games management gave their official statement through their “I got banned FAQs” few days back that


Game logs are considered as proprietary information. E-Games and ESTsoft reserve the right not to disclose any confidential information unless ordered by court. This means that legal actions must be considered in order for e-Games to divulge game logs to a gamer. —-


With this kind of issue it’s strongly recommended to all gamers not to use third party program or software, Cabal BOT, Cabal Macros and other software that will alter the original game play of Cabal. Philippines and pray that your account won’t be falsely accused and eventually get banned.


  1. I heard some are not really a bot users but their characters was banned. What if the software used for banning is not accurate? who could tell?

  2. i just finished downloading the client yesterday, and it run without a hitch. but when i was logging in the client said that i was already banned. where i havn’t even played the game yet. So i guess the software they are using is really just guessing or something…

  3. Hahahaha its so no life who dont use bot coss i say this i once played cabal while my frend scammed me so thats it bot bot bot = u dont are No life. Iff not bot= TRUE NO LIFE! GET A LIFE!

  4. you know what? E-games(cabal) and Cabalbot are one…
    and now you hav to pay bot programs in order to run…

  5. bot is only recognize by the player there’s no software that cabal is using to recognize if player is a robot because all the bot is easy to recognize but it is like a user that playing in the weak monster and got accused that he is a bot because he is just attacking monster without stop…..

    I was just playing this morning and create a new char then I came to the scorlugs to take the quest and someone was watching me saying hi then I ignored him then when he was still watching me then said hi again then I said hi and laugh when he said “I thought you were a bot, sorry”.

  6. wahahahahahha cabal bot and cabal in itself are allied companies…haven,t you observed that cabal bots nowadays are not executable without load??? it,s all about money,money,money!!! i’ll play DOTA instead hahahhahaha…look on the bright side…it’s free and enjoyable at the same time, no banned characters hahahahhahaha

  7. Some gamers can easily say anything about cabal bot or cabal publishers. Most of these are pure speculations. Galing no? pag mainit ang ulo kung ano ano naiisip. In reality there are a lot of cabal gamers who still dont follow simple rule. Don’t use BOT. tapos pag nahuli parang bata kung ano ano ang sinasabi. Weird!!

  8. ang sarap mag bot!
    hindi pa ako nahuhuli! lvl 97 na..
    and i have my 2nd char. for back up in case ma ban.

  9. These facts show that cabal and bot are one. It is true that this is a speculation but atleast its 86% accurate. You might be thinking, where is my evidence? well, look at this for instance, cabal sucks money out of the players through e-points where beads like 200% alz etc almost has no effects at all and in comparison with the bots nowadays, they issued a “policy” lik “no money no bot”. Also, banning players randomly like they are doing are a form of profit. Players have to start all over again for some unknown reason. Could that reason be that “those players didnt spend enough or egames didnt benefit from them at all?” You people be the judge.

  10. U idiots! Cabalrider wants us to pay so dat they could maintain der bots. Ur just leechers who wants evrything to be free.

    Egames and cabalrider r not one. If egames and cabalrider r one then sguro matagal na na solve ng cabalrider ang IVC issue. Get dat to ur thick heads.

    And also if egames and cabalrider r one then hindi na sguro mahirap sa egames na manghuli sa mga botters, they would just w8 whoever uses the bot program at huli na agad, insted they do random bans.

  11. GM!!! shit happens i’am not a bot user… nanghuhula na lang kau ng gumgamit ng cheats. ang bobo nyo!!

  12. dapat banned nyo mga player kung my evidence kau. hnd ung mapagtripan nu iban … banned nu na kagad.

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