Bye Bye time to 02JAM Philippines ?

I’ve read from GM raven official blog that O2 Jam Online Philippines will cease its operation by Septermber 30, 2009.  Here’s a quoted message found at GMraven’s Blog site.

Dear O2JAM players,


For the last 3 years, O2JAM has been the all time favorite beat Mania game. Its cool beats, frenetic gameplay, cool in-game accessories make it an incredibly fun online casual game.

O2JAM has provided us with fun and entertainment. But all good things must come to an end. It is with a sad heart that we will be closing down  O2JAM on September 30, 2009. In line with this, we have opened O2JAM’s Item Shop for free.

The decision to close down O2JAM wasn’t easy but we feel that it is our duty to provide you the best online games. In the months before we came to the decision to close down O2JAM, we have looked at  incredibly great beat mania games and we have narrowed down our choices to a chosen few. These new beat mania games capture the essence, the thrill but provide vastly improved graphics and gameplay.

We have met with the best O2JAM guilds and players last month and we showed these new beat mania games and they are thrilled to play it.

In the coming months, we will be making announcements for this new beat mania game and we hope that you will continue to play X-Play titles.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure the O2JAM community that we will continue to take care of you.   Look forward to more meetings, and more developments from X-Play. As always, X-Play is dedicated to bring you the best online casual gaming experience.

For any inquiries, feedback or comments, feel free to ask our CMs and GMs.

Thank you  for your understanding and  continued support.



Maybe its time for all o2Jammers to move on and try other casual games available in the country.


  1. It is with sadness of course, that we finally decided to close down O2JAm in order to pave the way for new beat mania ogs to be introduced to the country, but we in e-Games always want to keep up with the times and provide our gamers with the best games that we could offer to the gaming market. Hope everyone is tuned in to updates in whatever titles e-Games/X-Play is planning to launch in the near future. 🙂

  2. GM. is the BeatMania same as O2jam? I’m so sad too to bring o2jam gone closed. I was an semi-expert in that game. hehe.. Well, in our cafe where I was playing, I’m only one who can dare to made it. Cause everyone sees O2jam a hardest game ever. That’s all I can say. Farewell O2jam. At least I have a copy of O2jam Offline so I can play even no internet connection but no new music like Beethoven’s Fire. (^^,)

  3. the problem is in e-games and lvlup games if they get few money in it they will remove it , dont they care to the people who use alot of money like me i used 5k? its so high??? thats y i dont play e-games and lvlup games anymore take a look at bots it is an old game with 100gamers and still on.. the problem in filipinos they want money quick and as manny asposible

  4. I wish to invite everyone to a new Massive O2JAM Server project
    O2JAM Latino! (Latinamerica)
    This is a 24/7 Dedicated server with 30MB of international Bandwitdh!

    Some features!

    – Transaction/payment/online/email system 100% English
    – 90% of Items in shop are in ENGLISH!
    – Client game interface 90% in ENGLISH!
    – Custom items in development
    – Unique Interface and custom skin!
    – Patch System ^^
    – Lot of items in GEM cash
    – Rings in GEM Cash
    – Control Panel!!

    ^^ If you want to play
    Visit our control panel!
    Or visit our forum!

    If want to contact us,
    Feel free to add to MSN

    Hope to see you in game!

    GM Bidulz

  5. Why do you have to close down 02jam many players are having fun i am already counted why did you make the worst decision of all time.02jam is already part of my life it is my past time while i am not doing anything at home why? what is the problem are there too many players now that you cannot handle it. PLEASE I NEED A ANSWER


  6. yung gumawa ng 02jam mga tae at tsaka mga walang utak kasi bakit hindi nila hayaaan maging permanete ang larong iyon.
    mga walang kwenta
    (the creators of 02jam are —– and — —– why they didn’t make it permanent.useless makers)

  7. o2jam ph is closed for some stupid reason like theres so many cheater hackers and buggers in the game but all online games have hacks and cheats or bug whatever 🙂

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