Business Tycoon Online – Business Web based MMO

Here’s another Browser-based Game that I tried. Business Tycoon Online is a multiplayer business simulation game. Like other browser-based game, you don’t need to download large game client. You can play right after you register.

Business Tycoon Online will test or let you try to be a great Entrepreneur and manage your virtual company. Some of the basic things you need to do when starting to play this Web based MMO are:

Choose the business industry you are interested in.

You then select your secretary. Each of them has different profile.

After that you need to get a piece of space for your first business.

Since I’ve choosen the Service Industry I have only the option to start a barbershop or Massage business. Other shops are still disabled but according to the official description of the game, players can open upto 100 stores, expand business territory and raise social status.  Thats quite interesting and fun to accomplish.

You also need to recruit your first employee to work for you.  You can also set a routine like visit your shop to check your employees, take a break and even read a newspaper. Basically, you are in a world of real entrepreneur.

You can try the game by going to

I’ll be sticking to the game for couple of days and let see if this will make me busy.


  1. The post title is Business Tycoon Online but I somehow missed mentioning business in the content yesterday. I already fixed it. Thank you for the comment.

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