BandMaster Philippines First Glance Review

BandMaster Philippines started its closed beta last month but I wasn’t able to try the game until last week. This game is published by E-games which they introduced it last Domination IV. So let’s get to it. Here’s our first glance review.

BandMaster Online is a Casual Musical Online Game in which your objective is to play your favorite musical instrument and get into the rhythm of the keys of your chosen songs and of course level up. Like with other casual online games, you need to create your character. As shown below the game have an option for you to customize the character hair, face, upper outfit, lower outfit and skin color.

The game has a wide variety of instruments that you can play from drums, guitar, trumpet and I believe more musical instruments can be purchased from bandmaster in-game shop. You may also create room for group/band playing as its multiplayer feature. You have your own room for you to change the way you look and where you keep your premium instruments.

As for the graphics, well, I can say its an average quality but this type of graphics will fit and match a game like BandMaster online. I also think the strength of this game is with the list of playable songs and the customization of individual character especially stuff inside the premium in-game shop. The community is not that big at this time however, we can expect to see it more interesting as the game publisher continues to promote the game.

Below are some Bandmaster screen shots showing the three initial Musical Instruments you can try playing with it.

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