Back from Road 2 Domination 4 event

I just arrived back  here at our gamerster’s based in San Pedro.  I attended the Road to Domination 4  at the SMX convention center earlier today. It was also the celebration of the 3rd year Anniversary of Audition – Dance Battle Philippines.

I arrived at SMX past 9:00AM and guess what time I actually  able to go inside of SMX ? 12:30 pm. I believe and other attendees think also, the organizer failed to run the entrance procedure smoothly.  Last year Domination 3 experience was great.  Maybe they should consider to repeat and apply to any e-games event to what they did last Domination 3 because they did a job well done that time. Let’s hope they will do better procedures on the Domination 4 event next year.

Enough of that. I bought two game t-shirts Cabal and Runes Of Magic, a 2010 calendar given by their sponsor, a Runes of Magic poster for my Icafe and hundreds of  hot photos of 2010 Ran Calendar Girls, Operation 7 and Runes of Magic models plus Rhian Ramos.  I wasn’t really able to photo shoot cosplayers this time because.. sorry to tell you guys… we’ve already seen those  cosplayers before and there’s nothing new to it. I don’t know whats wrong with community but of course there are still other events to come.

To conclude my experience on the said event, well I can still say that I enjoyed and got excited on the two games (Operation 7 and Runes of Magic)  that IP E-Games will be releasing soon. Photos will be posted soon.


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