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Clash of Clans TOP War Clans in the Philippines with 201+ wins


A real clasher would definitely know that playing clash of clans isn’t just about having a max base or max troops. Contributing to the success of clan is one important factor a clasher should know. This could be being loyal to your clan, know how to balance real life responsibilities and yet can still play clash of clans or can still attack during clan wars, improving his own attack strategy and know how to keep the clan intact and interesting. Remember boring clan usually end up disbanded. A strong account is useless if you play alone with no clan.

Clash of Clans Top War Clans Philippines September 2015


We are putting much effort in search for the Clash of Clans Top War Clans in the Philippines. This is our 4th updates. Our last checked was September 3 2015. The list is limited to 15 Philippine based War Clan per category. We are also inviting clashers to submit their clan to us if it has 101 wins. We are not promising that we can list immediately as there our thousands clans out there. We want to discover clan with high winrate.

Clash of Clans Philippines Top Clans List


Since we came up with the Clash of Clans – TOP CLANS in the Philippines we did not stop discovering strong war clans. Infact we listed and included in our latest released for August 10, 2015. The best TOP WAR CLANS so far is BANDIDOS1 with 203 wins. Not just that the said clan got a good winrate of 87.12%. They are the best since they maintain low loses. If you know Philippine based clan with high war wins please dont forget to comment below and help us discover more strong war. Please remember we are not interested on clans with high trophies but low war wins.

Clash of Clans Philippines – The TOP War Clans


Our first Top War Clan list which we released it last July 25, 2015 were positively appreciated by clash of clans Philippine based. Some of them even submitted their clans that is within the 101 and up minimum war win requirements. Today we updated that list and we added several new clans.

TOP WAR CLANS in the Philippines – August 1, 2015 updates. Please remember if your clan already have more than 101 war wins and with a good win rate pls submit to us.

Top War Clans in the Philippines – Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans is a mobile game app that was released both on IOS which is turning 3 years this August 2, 2015 and on Android October 7, 2015. Clash of Clans is still one of the hottest mobile app you see on google play and Apple itunes store.  Its popularity among young mobile players and adult as well who are enjoying competition such as the clan wars made the game so successful and entertaining.

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