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Clash of Clans Update 2015 – Poison Spell, Dragon 5 and Cool Screens


One of the most popular game app on Android and IOS Clash of Clans announced its latest upcoming updates. We will be seeing Dark spell factory with Poison Spell on Town Hall 8 and Dragon lvl 5 on Town all 10. Poison Spell takes up 1 space that can be created on this new Dark spell factory. For Dragon 5 and poison spell no damage stats yet as of this writing.

New DOOM Trailer and gameplays at E3


Bethesda Softworks revealed New Doom Trailer and gameplays at E3. We all know Doom influenced any hightech First Person Shooter games we see today. Now New Doom from Bethesda Softworks look and feel were shown to us. We still see big shotguns and other awesome guns and weapons, Big and weird looking demons, blood and include some big punches.

SuperCell New Game : Smash Land


If you are really a gamer or at least labeled as mobile gamer you should have played or heard the Finnish Company Supercell. Yeah they are the one responsible for Boombeach, Hay Day and of course the game that used up a lot of our time Clash of Clans. It turned out SuperCell does not just focusing their time in maintaining there three super hit games. Just recently we heard that they are putting lot of testing to their another game called Smash Land.

Starcraft II Legacy of the Void Multiplayer Beta


Starcraft II players has a reason to get pumped up for the next days or months to come as Starcraft II Legacy of the Void Multiplayer will be opening its beta phase this March 31, 2015. Comes with this is a massive and huge changes to Starcraft II. Fans excited and players will sure start coming up with new gameplay strategies.

Blizzard’s Overwatch Game Trailer


Few days ago Blizzard announced its latest game project OVERWATCH. The game is a team-based shooter of six players against each other for control of various available game maps in a futuristic and robotics environment. Initially it is said it has 12 characters or soldier like with advanced technology, weapons, skills and armors can move fast. That would mean it has its own unique abilities that would cater gamer different styles.