Audition Philippines Patch Problem

I own a small internet cafe with 17 operating personal computers. Installing MMORPG games are easy and should be as easy as less than 6 mouse clicks but nowadays sometimes it becomes a tedious task. For more than 10 days now I’m having problem with Audition Philippines game patch. Its just so weird that out of our 17 computers only 4 has the latest patch. The rest keeps on failing whenever I tried patching it. Copying files from a folder of a patched version won’t work either. Downloading the manual patch files won’t also do the trick. Please also note other Internet Cafe in the vicinity did experienced the same plight.

Since I want to know how to fix the problem what I did I visited Audition Philippines forum but I did not find any similar issue there. I also posted on other forums like the United Lanshop Owners of the Philippines where majority of the posters are computer shop owners. So, basically this issue is still hanging with unknown solution. I need to scout google for this.


  1. bt po gnun mtpos ko mpatch out of 55 ayaw mclick nung game start tpos bgla nlng pa po ko 2log bkt po gnun.. 🙁 inulit ulit ko na gnun pa rn

  2. hi everyone. i just downloaded the torrent file of audition. but whenever i try to open the zip file, it needs a password. what is the password for the torrent? i cant find it in the forum. can anyone please help me? i really want to play this game. thanks! 🙂

  3. yeye. i guess you downloaded it in a server who’s like in a privacy. i downloaded a torrent audition but it didn’t ask for passwords. i guess you check the file where you downloaded it.

  4. huahi…sakin pagkatapos mag patch o download ng audition sa patcher… eh offlightes parin ang GAMESTART button……..anu nangyari eh nung wala pa cla nagmaintenance eh gumagana nman ang audi launcher at patcher kow….

    if somebody can post a solution for this problem of mine….pls reply immediately coz im already missing audition… T_T

  5. bakit po pag inoopen ko ung audition launcher.. nakalagay “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” bakit po kaya?

  6. Same here din. Sa shop namin.. try kami mg mag install sa 8 pc. pero isa lang ang gumagana… at tnry ko lhat ang new patch.. ayaw nia hanggang sa log in lang sila. bket?? me problem ba ang audition? syang naman.. isa lng mkalaro smen.

  7. hey i have a question. i’m done with the installation of audi, nag work naman siya pero after ng napakahabang maintenance.. hindi na ko nkapag patch kasi runtime error na. what shud i do? pa help nmn.

  8. bkt po d ako mkapagcmula maglaro ng audi?? ang lumalabas “Not Exist WINMODE Value” ?? ganyan po ung lumalabas , help nman po . tnx ^^

  9. bakit po lagi nalang wrpng password yung sa manual patch 6076 ?
    yung nasa site nama yung kinuha ko .

  10. Ou ! i can’t Press sa Start Button even my patch was fully patch ! Damn .. what happen ? can anyone fix this problem ? >.<

  11. Bakit po ganun, fully patched na po yung AUDITION 6087 ko. But pagkatapos po niya mag patch offlights parin mo yung GAMESTART. Omg helpppp. I really want to play audition ASAP. Helpppp please.

  12. 6093 na ang Audition PH pero Not Responding pa din ang Patcher.
    I have already manually patched all necessary files pero ang patcher lang talaga ayaw mag-connect sa server nila.

  13. same error mga dre .. pinagpuyatan ko to .. tsk after downloading Full client 6091 at manual patches walang nangyare . yes game starT exist but after nung black screen wala na . balik sa desktop .. hanggang ngayon ba 2014 hindi padin to naaayos?

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