Atlantica Online : First Glance

After so many attempts in downloading the Atlantica Online Client, it went thru today. Downloading 1.6Gig is not a joke especially if  your connection is like mine which is less than 1MB in speed. Not to mention some previously zip files goes corrupted.

If you are fun of surfing gaming sites I’m sure you already saw Atlantica Advertisement on these websites as I think the publisher of the game are doing a full blast advertisement and marketing campaigns.

First Glance
Early features that I noticed are:

– Stamina System of your character.
– Turn Based Combat. Its not a new system for PC games since this has been around for years already (E.g. Heroes Might and magic) but for MMORPG games its soo unique.
– Several weapons to choose from ( Sword, Axe, Spear, Gun, Bow, Cannon and Staff) in starting a character. This will also differentiate character from each others.
– You will be given two more default characters to fight along your side during turn based battle.

Graphics / Environment
This game is a truly 3D MMORPG. Graphics are pretty neat and game environment is just superb. If I’m going to compare games, this is similar to Granado Espada.

Its still early to say since this is a first glance post. However, killing monsters are different expericience since this is a turn-based type of MMORPG. When you attack a monster, the screen will change to group turn-based battle. Strategy is needed to successful kill those monsters. You can also retreat which is same as death penalty and skip turn if necessary.

Maybe later.

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