Allods Online: First glance review

I’ve been playing Allods online for an hour or two a day since last week and now I’d like to share my first glance impression on the game. Right now Allods Online is currently on its fourth beta test and no beta key required to get into it. Allods Online has two opposing factions known as The League and the Empire/Imperial. From these factions players can pick from 28 classes. My first character on this game is a Priest from the The League faction. When my priest finally started its adventure, I immediately noticed that this game has a very stunning and solid graphics. The game environment is nice too. Not just that I noticed also the starting quest of the game is very impressive as it shows that the game has a strong story line. The standard game controls are all here and you won’t be having a hard time familiarizing it. If you want to play the game point your browser to : For the meantime allow me to play and spend more time leveling up and hopefully when time permits I can make additional post about the game.


  1. Nice nga ang game na to. ALam mo na ba na Level Up will be launching this game here in the Philippines ? Sana mag hit din dito sa Pinas.

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  3. No updates? I guess nakita mo na graphics and newness does not make a good game. Pag umabas na ito dito (though LU). Butasan ng wallet ito at prone to cheats ang Allods.

  4. absolutely right MC! you see, these games are all created for the developers’ money interests. even that’s an egames, LU or any ph dev “ganun at ganun din ang mangyayare”. well, in fact as of now there is no better game than WOW. all of these “new’ mmorpg are just paralleld to WOW. paulit2. i say we all wait for something new and revolutionary if we wanna involve ourselves to new moorpg.. kikita lang mga yan. then if you really wanna try the game, i think international is better. in terms of management and everything. on the other hand, its much reasonable and rational for us to play our real lives. reality is far more important than gaming. =)

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