All-in-1 Logic GameBox Game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad


I have this old Ipod Touch 2nd generation just kept in the drawer for several months now and decided to use again for gaming purposes. I ended up downloading this free game All-in-1 Logic GameBox (Paid available as well) which is also available to other Apple gadgets such as iPhone and iPad. This game comes with 10 logic games that will surely enjoy and exercise your brain.

Logic games include

Cookies game – a unique puzzle! Use all your skills to make sliding moves in the empty space of the frame!

Neon – Addictive gameplay, awesome graphics and lots of levels!

Round Round – Is a puzzle game that includes elements of several well-known puzzles and is notable for original idea and beautiful graphics!

Stickies – A unique puzzle! Ultimate addiction!

Parking Lot – A classic game with wonderful graphics and a huge number of levels

Labyrinth – An amazing puzzle! Your fingers will experience real adventures!

Fill the Pot – A unique puzzle! Fill up all the containers with water, but do not waste a single drop of this precious liquid!

Flip It – A difficult game with a huge number of levels!

Arithmetic – Check your calculation skills using the game Arithmetic!

Paratroopers – Medium difficulty game that’s insanely addictive!

As of this time I already completed the 112 levels of easy category of Parking Lot and I’m telling you its very addictive. I also started playing labyrinth game few hours ago and I can say its pretty challenging as well.


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