Aika Open Beta Loading Error


Aika Online launched its open beta stage earlier today (Philippine Time). I was up by 4:30am and found out my Aika Online Client seem to be not working after choosing a server. It seem to just stayed at the loading screen and nothing happen after that. I tried so many time re-loading, uninstalling and restarting the system but all failed. I also noticed when I pressed ctrl-alt-del, I’m seeing a 100% mem usage and its not going down. It’s quite not right since I was able to play the Close Beta 2 and no problem launching the game. What I did I went to the game setting and choose window mode and there it fixed the problem. After playing for an hour, I tested again and placed it to full client mode and again my Aika Client won’t get through. Basically, my copy of Aika Online Open Beta client seem to be corrupted or has error running in Full Client mode.

If you are interested in playing the game you can hop in to


  1. There is a patch released 5 hours before the opening of the OBT. you can DL it then run the Launcher – it will update the Launcher to ver114.

  2. I do also have the ver114 but my full window option wont work. So, i’ll stick with window mode.

  3. I was really excited Aika online. When I saw your first glance post on it, I thought it was promising, with screenshots taken closed up it shows good character details, plus Aika online have guns! Which is something that I have been missing since RF online. But upon downloading and creating my rifleman in Aika (tbh, i’ll rather play dual gunner, but there’s no gender option! >| ),I was really disappointed! After playing RF online, CABAL online, and Runes of Magic,Aika online’s graphic is a complete stepback. Even on highest resolution + details set, it fails in comparison to many older MMORPG. The texture of the game feels a lot like a 3d rendered Ragnarok Online, even the characters looks a lot like the characters in the RO posters below. Attack system is also not as impressive as I thought it will be. Oh well, maybe I should try Aion or Allods.. (what’s up with the “A” named games anyway? =D)

    But still, thanks for the posts gamerster! Your blog helps us rid of the redundancy of playing the same MMORPGs over and over again by sharing to us new and exciting games to try out. More power to you! 🙂

  4. @Messie

    Thank you for visiting the site. IF you are going to ask me which game I like more between Aika and Allods, I would say its Aika. At least for now. The community of Aika is currently active and hopefully it will stay like this for more months to come.

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