Aika Online first glance review


The lastest MMORPG I’m playing right now is Aika Online. Like most of the MMORPG came out from couple of months back until this month, the game is a 3D Fantasy setting with a stunning graphics and impressive skills and animation effects.

The english version was published by Gpotato. From its official website, Aika online presents

three major PvP modes which run the gamut from small skirmishes to 1000 vs. 1000 warfare. This comprehensive PvP system is unique among current MMORPGs for its gigantic scope, and it is this element – along with a fantastically detailed world and sweeping storyline – which has earned the game many enthusiastic reviews for its quality of play. Aika won the Best of Show: Prime Minister Award, Player’s Choice: Best Online Game, and Best Game Design & Scenario at the 2009 Korean Game Awards, organized by the Korea Game Industry Agency (KoGIA) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

The game is fully loaded with 5 nations, 6 classes, and huge quests for the players to enjoy. Characters in Aika Online was created and designed nicely. To test the game I picked Dual Gunner as my first character. Right now I’m trying to get a decent level. While doing that,  I’m very much enjoying and having some fun with my character’s weapon which is  a firearm.  Well, its safely to say that majority of the MMORPG nowadays only provide blades &  swords as the main weapons but Aika Online had those too plus some variety of firearms.

At this point in time, I can say that Aika is certainly one of the best looking MMORPGs I tried this year. I’m looking forward to more quality mmorpg releases.


  1. The character models remind me of a cross between Aion and a little bit of FFXI.

    How do you feel it stacks up against other Korean MMOs such as Aion?

  2. Yes this game does have weekly maintenence and stacks up really nicley against other korean MMorpgs there are quests to take you form start to finish and the constantly evolving world due to the pvp is a great addition.

  3. It’s because gpotato is open only for North American user.
    kaya sa mga new player na gus2 mag laro wala tau magagawa kundi tumingin na lng sa trailer hahaha.

  4. is there will be an IP banned on the International server like AIKA on gpotato when the aika(ph) is officialy launched???

  5. im playing aika online sa gpotato wla naman ako prob sa paglalaro, ban ba ip sa pinas? i think not.. kac ive been playing for almost a month!

  6. Your ISP is probably using foreign IP. Some ISPs in the Philippines does that.

    However, yes, you’re supposed to be not able to access gPotato’s AIka.

    But no worries, we’ll have our own soon. 🙂

  7. Ahhh my Aika Global ng panget naman ng service lag dc lag dc hindi ka makatapos ng instance ng maayos. Lugi din pag relic wars mamamatay ka lang sa lag at dc.. mas lamang sayo yung ibang mas malapit sa server. 50cap na ako dun magquit lang ako kc panget naman sobra di mo maeenjoy. Meron din ako sa NA dati mas ok dun hindi masyado lag kahit nasa PH ako. Sana may kumuha sa Aika Online dito sa pilipinas tiyak ako daming tatangkilik dahil team coordination at pagalingan ng diskarte pagnakaw ng relic or pag retrieve nito. Mabilis pati mag pa lvl basta quest quest lang. Ang pinaka spot light ng game PVP to the max at pwede kang makakuha ng Honor Gears from doing pvp lang astig di ba. Kaya Aika Online PH san ka na gusto kita malaro ng maayos baka kc magabroad na ako hahays

  8. Im from the philippines… If you want to play it you still can with aika global server. Check it out.

  9. kailan kaya ung aika ph?Ahy! sayang ung oras sa pag DL ko ng AIKA hindi pla pwede d2 sa satin..tsk2

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