Age of Conan : First Glance

Last week I read from MMOtaku site  that ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’ open its door to a Free trial upto level 20.  The offer is open until January 1, 2010. You see Age Of Conan (AOC) is currently using subscription business model in which you can only play by purchasing the Game Client and pay the monthly fee. And I’ve decided to grab the chance to play Age of Conan for free even only for few Levels.  Without wasting time I downloaded the client and was surprised to know its a whooping 8gig++.

Upon launching the Game Client you will be brought to an Age of Conan Intro Movie. Then for the character creation you will be choosing  your gender, culture that has 3 options to choose from namely Aquilonion, Cimmerian and Stygian.  Customizations are also available like tattoos for face and body, skin color, hair color, eye color and other reizing of your character built.


Age of Conan has a great graphics and my first few levels impression was really awesome as the story line of this MMORPG was really entertaining. Actually  the AOC guests  keep me wanting  to stay and play more hours. I also notice that the story invloves the gamer as the slave and as the one controlling the character which I can truly say its really a role playing not just Hack and Slash type of game. 



About the controls and keys use in the game, I did changed the keys for the side step left and right as  the default keys was Z and C which I find it difficult. I made it WASD instead and use arrow keys for the rotations.  The game has these three keys or types of normal slash that has different animation in which you don’t usually see it on other MMORPG. See action bar below.  



The combat against mobs is really great. Detailed movement of mobs when hit is truly a plus factor for this game. Think of someone went down after a hit then slowly getting up to fight you back. You see that in game.

I’ll continue playing Age of Conan even after this post. Let see if I can reach level 20 before the end of the year.  Go on check out  Age of Conan Trial page and remember if you want to try the game do this before January 1, 2010 so that your account can enter the Unlimited Trial Offer from Funcom.

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