4story Open Beta Test


Open Beta for 4story online has started last October 20, 2008. Since I already have an account during the closed beta test I dont need to create a new account for this but Unfortunately, the closed beta characters I had before were already wiped out. So, its a fresh start for everyone.

According to their official newsletter which was sent out to all beta testers several changes were implemented on the Open Beta client which includes :

– Updates of Early Tutorial Quests
– Addition of Letter Quests in early stages
– Modification of images of Named Boss Monsters
– Correction and Revision of English in Quests
– Changes in image of some Items
– Correction of Bugs in Movement of Monsters
– Correction of Problems in the Map
– Improvement of Skill Use with correction of bugs

Another thing is if you only have an average Internet DSL speed and you are located in the Philippines its better to play the game early morning. MOst of the time International games like 4story runs smoothly in the morning.

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