4story Online: first glance

I was not able to participate in the first closed beta testing for the game 4story which ended last July 20, 2008. However, ZEMI INTERACTIVE INC. did had a second closed beta which started August 8 and will end on August 12, 2008.

The First Glance
Let’s talk about the game 4story. The game is a 3D MMORPG. The first time I saw the web advertisement it immediately catches my attention because the graphics is just wonderful. This made me download the 4story’s installer and waited for the second open beta. When I finally went through the character creation I told myself I will be putting more game hours to the game.

The Characters and Races

4story has 3 races Human, Werebeast and Fairy. Each race has 6 character classes namely Warrior, Priest, Assassin, Archer, Wizard and Summoner. I think 4story is one of those MMORPG has a complete character classes. The character movement and game keys were just standard and normal.

After spending an hour or two playing and exploring the game and I can say the game somehow has a lot of Quest as I was already finished several of it in a short time. Since the game is new I still need to explore more and probably will do a second post about this.

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